Civil Rights Certification Program


As announced during the 2016 AASHTO Civil Rights Training Symposium in Alexandria, Virginia, a National Certification Program for Civil Rights Professionals was approved by the AASHTO Civil Rights Subcommittee on the first day of the conference.

Important information regarding the Certification Program is available below. Please read all of the information thoroughly to understand the certification requirements.

Program Description


Training Record Form

Capstone Form

How to get official CEU Credits for your attendance at the 2016 Training Symposium


Step 1:  Apply online for Admission to Pima Community College  https://bannerweb.pima.edu/pls/pccp/bwskalog.P_DispLoginNon

When completing the application:

  • To make the process go faster you can ignore all non-required fields
  • Under Admission Term: You can select either term offered
  • After reading the instructions at the top of each section of the application feel free to skip certain sections like Residency Affidavit, etc.
  • Under the "Purpose for Attending" question – List CT-(Certificate)
  • Under "Planned Course of Study" – List "Undeclared"

Any issues with completing the application can be directed to a PCC Student Services professional at:

  • (520) 206-5030
  • (520) 206-7106
For any general questions regarding the Certification Program, please contact Vivien Lattibeaudiere at VLattibeaudiere@azdot.gov​​. ​


Step 2:  After completing the application you will get a "Congratulations" screen with your Student ID#.

Write down your Student ID# because you will need to write it on the Training Records Form each time you submit training hours to be evaluated by PCC for CEUs. 


Step 3:  Complete all information on the Training Records Form (Attached), including your Student ID#. 

Be sure to list all workshops you attended at the Training Symposium and indicate the certification you are pursuing: Certified Civil Rights Specialist (CCRS) or the Certified Civil Rights Manager  (CCRM) certification.  Read the program description for eligibility requirements.

If you attended all of the classes, including lunch presentations, at the AASHTO Training Symposium, you are eligible for 13 hours (1.3 CEUs).  Complete the Training Record Form and mail it along with a copy of the Symposium p​rogram with workshop descriptions to:

                ​Pima Community College

                Workforce and Business Development Office

                401 North Bonita Ave.

                Tucson, AZ 85709-5500


Step 4:  Pima Community College (PCC) will evaluate your submission.

PCC will evaluate the information you submit on the Training Record Form and verify your attendance against the workshop Sign-In Sheets submitted from the Training Symposium.


Step 5: PCC will award you CEUs

PCC will award you CEUs based on verified attendance at each workshop and will send you a bill for the payment of CEUs earned (see program description for cost information).  For example, if you attended 13 hours of training (1.3 CEUs) at the Training Symposium and you are pursuing the Certified Civil Rights Specialist (CCRS) certification, you will be billed $78.00 ($60.00 per CEU X 1.3 CEUs).  If you only attended 10 hours of training you would be billed $60.00 for 1 CEU.

If you attended 13 hours (1.3 CEUs) of training at the Training Symposium and you are pursuing the Certified Civil Rights Manager (CCRM) certification, you will be billed $91.00 ($70.00 per CEU X 1.3 CEUs).  If you only attended 10 hours of training​ you would be billed $70.00 for 1 CEU.


Step 6.  Submit payment to PCC

Submit payment to PCC within a few weeks of receiving the bill.  Failure to make payment will result in you not receiving CEU credits for your training. You need to work with your institution to decide if payment will be made by you personally or through a tuition reimbursement program or other method determined by your institution.  


Step 7.  PCC will post CEUs to your Transcript

After you submit payment to PCC, it will post earned hours to your CEU transcript.  


To earn additional credit toward certification in the future.

  1. ​Continue to take classes towards your chosen certification program taking note of the requirements for the certification you are pursuing, as listed in the program description.
  2. Document classes on the Payment Record Form and submit it to PCC each time you have 15 or more hours of training (1.5 CEUs) completed.  Review the program description document to ensure you provide proper documentation to substantiate your attendance at classes/workshops/webinars.
  3. Complete 50 or more hours of training (5.0 CEUs) in the required categories for the certification you have chosen to pursue.
  4. Complete the required Capstone Project (see Program Description).
  5. Complete all requirements within a three-year time period (from the date of the first class submitted for CEUs).
  6. PCC will send you your certification credentials  when all requirements are met.  Certifications will be awarded on behalf of PCC by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Civil Rights Subcommittee, Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO) Civil Rights Committee and the Southern Transportation Civil Rights Executive Council (STCREC).
  7. After receiving certification credentials from PCC, apply and participate in a Certification Graduation Ceremony at the next scheduled AASHTO, WASHTO or STCREC Civil Rights Training Symposium (optional but recommended).