​​AASHTO Subcommittee on Civil Rights​


TBD: Southern Transportation Civil Rights Training Symposium 

Charge Statement

The Subcommittee shall research and evaluate the effectiveness of external civil rights programs including Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Women's Business Enterprise, Equal Employment Opportunity, On-The-Job Training, Non-Discrimination (Title VI), Americans with Disabilities Act and Supportive Services, and report findings and conclusions of issues and concerns and disseminate such information among Member Departments. When solicited, it shall make recommendations and render advice to the President and staff of the Association, and to standing committees or other subcommittees as to courses of action which they may follow to assure compliance with civil rights laws and regulations in their respective areas. The Subcommittee shall also establish and maintain outreach efforts to other transportation organizations with similar interests.

The Subcommittee shall identify and report to its parent Standing Committee on any federal regulatory mandates of national concern. Each Member Department shall be entitled to membership thereon.

To ensure consistency and the best thinking of the Association, the Subcommittee shall work cooperatively, as appropriate, with other subcommittees, agencies and external organizations to foster uniform and effective application of external civil rights programs.

Subcommittee Chair

Grindly Johnson
Deputy Secretary of Transportation
Virginia Department of Transportation​​

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Equal Opportunity in all state transportation systems and services.


To provide policy and technical support to the AASHTO member departments t​o integrate Equal Opportunity goals and objectives into all transportation decisions and activities​.
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